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Want to publish a guest post in this site? It’s a great way to get recognition in your field and attract new customers.¬†After approval* your article will appear as a regular blog post with your name as the author. Here are the rules:

  • Must be your original work (or you must own the rights to it). No plagiarism.
  • Must be on topic and of value to our readers. No blatant self-promotion. We are the sole judge of relevance. (We’re pretty easy.)
  • By submitting an article, you agree that we can edit as we see fit. (We don’t do much, but sometimes it is necessary.)
  • By submitting an article, you are giving us a nonexclusive license to publish or republish the article in any form, in perpetuity as long as we continue to credit you as author.
  • Only a couple of links per article. Must be on topic with article. No affiliate links.

To submit an article (news, tips, reviews, advice, education, or whatever) for publication, please fill out the form below. You can type your article here or copy and paste it from your word processor.


*Approval could take a few days. Please be patient. We are a very small editorial staff, managing many sites.


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