Grab International Business Opportunities with Good Translations

Whether buying or selling, international business opportunities abound: importing, selling to foreign customers, joint ventures, having exclusive or custom merchandise manufactured abroad. The possibilities are almost endless. The question is will you be able to grab those opportunities—and will they be profitable.

Well written proposals and other correspondence, delivered in the language of your prospective business associates, will always give you an edge. Not only that, using an expert translation service to translate the proposals, contracts, and other documents you receive will assure that you really know what you are signing, and what you are signing up for.

It is not enough to have someone in your organization who can speak the language of your trading partners. You need precise, accurate translation of business documents. And when it comes to proposals, contracts, invoices, and other documents, you want to make sure you know exactly what they mean.

Translators are not attorneys, so you still need to retain whatever attorneys or agents are required to do business in your target country. But using an expert translation company makes you look good and gives you some assurance that you know exactly what is in each document you send and receive. There is no place for amateurs in international business transactions.

Your best bet is generally a large, well established translation company with specialists not only in different languages but also in different types of communication. Even among translators of a specific language, such as Chinese or Russian, there are general translators and technical translators with expertise in different sciences and industries. Make sure you ask for the kind of translator you need.

For example, a general translator may to have a larger vocabulary than a technical translator, but the general translator’s vocabulary and understanding may not include the technical terms and practices of your particular business. In translating proposals, specifications and contracts, that technical terminology and understanding can be crucial.

Having a professional translation service to relay on means you never have to “just trust” that the documents you send and receive mean what you hope they mean. And it gives you the confidence to branch out into the big wide world and seize those international business opportunities that can make your own company great.

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