Schlage 40-132 Retail Keying Kit with Seal-Tight Metal Box

Contains bottom pins, top pins, pin springs, cylinder caps, cap springs and pins, B Series cylinder bars, key gauge, follower bar, and cap removal tool. Packed in a seal tight metal box.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive retail keying kit
  • Comes with seal-tight metal box
  • Keys Schlage and Dexter
  • Key blanks not included
  • Schlage brand

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2 comments for “Schlage 40-132 Retail Keying Kit with Seal-Tight Metal Box

  1. Douglas H. Moorcroft
    January 22, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    Schlage Lock Retail Keying Kit is worth the price I highly recommend this Schlage Lock Retail Keying Kit for landlords or others that frequently need to change door locks. It is simple to rekey deadbolts and door handle locks with this kit, if one has a small collection of Schlage “C” keys, which you obtain each time that you purchase a new lock. Lock retailers frequently throw out keys when they rekey locks, which is another way to obtain keys, just ask! Save $10+ per lock each time you do it yourself. This also reduces the hassle of bringing locks to a locksmith and having a person hang out in the unit until the locks are reinstalled. Just about anyone should be able to follow the simple directions included with the kit.

  2. Michael Graff
    January 22, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    Schlage Rekeying Kit The Good – This worked for me. Check out some online videos for instructions. I manage an office plaza and have had the occasion to hire a locksmith to rekey some locks. It is expensive and requires an appointment for the tenant’s and my convenience. A little time to learn and a lot of time and money saved in the long run.The Bad – This kit does not contain “master key pins”. I use a master key for all the locks and had to buy them separately. This kit could also use good “key tweezers” for handling pins.

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