Pet Store Wooden Paw Decor Pet Gate (Black)

Pet Store Wooden Paw Decor Pet Gate (Black)Folding pet gate is a decorative solution for safely restricting certain areas of your HOME.Attractive paw design that will compliment your HOME decor.Features:Measures 19″ high and adjusts to up to 4 feet wide. Folds flat for storage. Adjusts to fit to doorways up to four feet wide Includes:1 x Pet Store Wooden Paw Decor Pet Gate (Black)

Product Features

  • Folding pet gate is a decorative solution for safely restricting certain areas of your HOME
  • Measures 19″ high and adjusts to up to 4 feet wide

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3 comments for “Pet Store Wooden Paw Decor Pet Gate (Black)

  1. Melissa
    November 25, 2013 at 9:05 AM

    Details/pics – works for me This gate came in a box inside the box used for delivery and it was in a protective wrap with protection on 3 of the 4 corners. There was no damage to the gate when I received it and I was pleased when I opened & saw the gate. It really is very cute. I measured it and it is true to the specifications listed in the description. It is exactly 19 inches tall and 4 feet long. The ‘center piece’ of the gate is 2 feet and the ‘folding side pieces’ of the gate are each 1 foot long. As such, the gate folds to 2 feet long for storage. It is also black as described. I have posted pics that show the packaging, how I store the gate, and how I use the gate when restricting my dog to the kitchen.The gate I received is not completely flush with the ground all the way across when the sides are extended all the way out. This causes no problem at all for me – it just means that one side will swing a bit when pushed while extended. Also, it will not stand up on its own with the sides completely extended. However, that is to be expected as it has no feet. The sides must be folded a bit as you can see in the pics for it to stand on its own.It is a bit heavier than I thought it would be from the other reviews. It is not going to fall over because my dog bumps into it, but it seems that it will fall pretty easily if a dog is trying to knock it over. My dog will not attempt to move an obstacle or jump over a gate (at least not while I am home) so this is not a problem for me. Also, it is formidable enough that he won’t start now. He made no moves to try to escape and looked at the new gate as if he understood that it was, indeed, the new gate.Overall, I am happy with this gate because it serves its purpose, stores nicely, and is very cute in my apartment. If you have a dog who will seek to escape or who is tall at all, this probably is not the gate for you. If, like me, you have a dog who is short and not very athletic – you likely could have a good experience as I did. I use the gate to separate my dogs while they eat. If I needed something to really keep them restricted if I left the house, I don’t think I would use this gate for that purpose.

  2. Lasha
    November 25, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    Too short The picture is misleading. That collie could easily jump over the gate. I bought this gate to block my two small dogs (Pekingese and Dachshund) in the kitchen. While the length is perfect, the height (19″) is not. The Pekingese jumps over it and escapes daily. My Doxie has not figure it out yet, but I am sure he eventually will. The gate is semi-sturdy, nicely made (in China), but in my estimation not worth the expensive price unless you have a tiny, tiny animal.So, if you have a dog bigger than a Dachshund’s height, I would not recommend this gate. Get a taller one!

  3. Karyn Wong
    November 25, 2013 at 9:59 AM

    Didn’t like the company Gate is very light weight- good for a small dog. The company doesn’t not pay for return postage AND has a restocking fee. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it would cost more to return it.

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