Grewal/Levy was designed for today’s changing student population. It has a strong emphasis on experiential learning and focuses on the value that marketers create for the firm. This textbook also provides students with hands-on learning tools through Connect Marketing, and provides professors with updated tools every month through the monthly newsletter.

With Connect Plus, students examine how firms analyze, create, deliver, communicate, and capture value by exploring both the fundamentals in marketing and new influencers, such as social media, all in a format that allows for instructor assessment of learning outcomes, and provides students with a tight integration of topics.

Product Features

  • Connect Marketing is an integrated eBook based on the contenet of the hard copy. It is absolutely a powerful tool and Connect Marketing also offers a wealth of content resources Dynamic links between the problems or questions discussed in the text and the location in the eBook where that problem or question is covered.
  • Connect Marketing Plus which McGraw-Hill tremendously reinvents the textbook learning experience for the modern student with Connect Plus Marketing. A seamless integration of an eBook and Connect Marketing, Connect Plus provides all of the Connect Marketing features plus countless more unbelieveable features (all thanks to this 4th edition Marketing Text book )
  • An integrated eBook, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to the textbook.
  • A powerful search function to pinpoint and connect key concepts in a snap.
  • Exclusive to this edition of this book is the ability to access an Online Learning Center (OLC) providing learning resources for each chapter including a chapter quiz, access to the streaming video content for that chapter, and two Net Savvy internet exercises to supplement chapter learning.

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2 comments for “Marketing

  1. Anonymous
    January 7, 2014 at 6:49 AM

    Nice textbook for the devices it worked on, but didn’t work on the Windows Store Kindle app on Windows 8, very disappointing. I was still able to use it on the Kindle desktop app, but this was very buggy on 8, and kept crashing on me. Made me wish I had just ought the web only version direct from the publisher. Hopefully my future textbooks won’t have this problem. Make sure to not assume PC compatibility means it will work on Windows 8 like I did.

  2. Anonymous
    January 7, 2014 at 6:56 AM

    Had to take this course for completion of my degree. Ordered from amazon because the “code” for the online coursework is supposed to be included and it ended up being several hundred less than purchasing from my university. Ended up having to have amazon send me 3 different books and in the end none of them came with a code. Lucky for me, the teacher was able to give me online access without the code. Ended up paying way more for just the book than I should have had to. Will be contacting Amazon to have their product description updated.

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