Increase Your Insurance Sales, Retention & Referrals Now!!!

THIS IS THE BOOK THAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Proven AGENT-LEVEL Systems, Activities & Processes To Help YOU Increase Your SALES, RETENTION & REFERRALS. Proven STEP BY STEP TRACKS TO RUN ON with Proven WORD TRACKS.  Based on 30 Years of FACE-TO-FACE EXPERIENCE in the Business!  A  FAST START For New Agents and A FRESH START For Experienced Agents. The MOST IMPORTANT POLICY That You Have To Offer Is The One That Can INSURE THE FAMILY’S INCOME!  How To Generate $100,000 Per Year In Life Sales!  How To Insulate Your Clients From The Competition!  Create an Unlimited Source of REFERRALS.

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2 comments for “Increase Your Insurance Sales, Retention & Referrals Now!!!

  1. Lynn Bell "Lynn"
    January 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM

    AWESOME!!!! Last night I had the opportunity to read an AWESOME insurance sales book. Not only did the author give you practical steps on how to improve your sales, he also shared his overwhelming passion for what he does. Through his shared examples, he reminds us of why the insurance business is one where you can truly impact not only an individual but also the generations to come. This is a MUST read for anyone in insurance – a great handbook for the newbie, and a re-igniter for those of us who have been in the business for awhile. Hat’s off to the author and his ability to bring it home!!!!

  2. Bill Kirkwood
    January 5, 2013 at 6:27 AM

    Easy As 1, 2, 3 [[ASIN:1438947747 Increase Your Insurance Sales, Retention & Referrals Now!!!]My manager suggested that I read this book because I was falling behind in my life sales and struggling to meet my life objectives. First of all, once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. Everything is so down to earth and to the point. I applied some of the techniques that I learned and in the last two weeks, I have earned over $1,700 in commissions from my life sales. The section on “Overcoming Objections” is worth the price of the book all by itself.

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