Effective E-Marketing Strategies

Too many Internet marketing books today seem to focus on specific areas, such as SEO or social media marketing. But, these are only a few small pieces of the overall marketing strategy. Online marketing strategies should place greater emphasis on incorporating other elements where possible. Each marketing component serves as a valuable channel for driving and converting new leads.

The author, Curtis Carmichael has been designing, developing and marketing web sites and campaigns for over sixteen years. In this book, he shares some of today’s best kept e-marketing secrets used by successful Internet marketers. Effective E-Marketing Strategies covers virtually every online marketing strategy imaginable to help you maximize your campaign’s return.

Buy this book today and explore e-commerce concepts, SEO/SEM, e-mail marketing, landing/sales pages, analyzing web site metrics, social media/networking, webinars, press releases and more.

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3 comments for “Effective E-Marketing Strategies

  1. lburns
    March 17, 2013 at 12:00 PM

    The Materials You Need for Online Marketing My background: looking for online marketing tactics (beyond social media) for my fledgling brand. No formal marketing training.Effective E-Marketing Strategies by Curtis Carmichael provides comprehensive coverage of online marketing tactics. He covers both larger-scope project management strategies and materials, as well as more detailed tasks like Search Engine Optimization and creating a webinar.The content is quite technical (which is what I wanted) but Carmichael’s casual tone prevents it from becoming intimidating. At the same time, he doesn’t “lose sight of the forest for the trees,” always relating each strategy back to the central marketing goal for your brand.I believe this book is suited for anyone unsure of how to begin online marketing for their brand, or someone about to start a job in online marketing.

  2. ghauger
    March 17, 2013 at 5:16 PM

    A Checklist for Internet Business Success If there is a book that can take you from nothing to a fully functional web based business bursting with traffic, this is it. Curtis Carmichael provides not only the techniques to use for your business but backs up his method with real world examples of businesses that have been successful doing the same things. From concept to execution all the way to a mature on-line business and ultimately selling your concept, this book touches on it all. Although not a dumbed down entry level guidebook for dummies, you don’t need an advanced degree to benefit from Carmichael’s guidance. If you’d tinkered around with a website or two you can use the tips and methodology here to bring your business to the next level. He covers such bewildering topics like e-commerce and search engine optimization (SEO) in an accessible way that even a novice web entrepreneur can digest and implement. I’m not a web guru but I’ll be using a lot of these tips to improve my on-line presence.

  3. listener
    March 17, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    very useful! Mr. Carmichael does a great job explaining how to integrate cutting-edge online channels with a company’s overall marketing strategy. Particularly helpful are his specific suggestions on web-based tools, downloads, links, and other resources.The benefit of social media and other recent technology trends may strike some as limited or abstract, but the author excels at tying each category back to the central objective of promoting one’s business to an expanding target audience. In one of many solid insights, he makes a case for webinars by pointing out that they both provide real value to the participant, and serve as a “stealth marketing approach” that positions consumers to value and pursue a company’s products.

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