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  1. Anonymous
    November 11, 2013 at 2:26 AM

    i know of two discs that should be available domestically, but aren’t: this one, and the go! team’s “thunder lightning strike”.first things first. this CD is actually entitled “easy leasing superstar”. back in ’99, i happened into an HMV in tokyo and it was featured on a listening station. huge fun to listen to, right off the bat – the opening track “not on the guestlist” starts with a bouncer trying to describe hammond inferno’s sound, and ends up calling it something like “french-filtered house”. it’s a relentlessly pounding track, with deliberately camp aspects to the arrangement. perfect music for driving a black german car 100 MPH at night through a maze of LA freeways. trust me – i know. it immediately eases off into a dazzlingly eclectic mixture of tracks that defy description (several of which are in languages i absolutely cannot identify – i’d thought some of it was japanese until a japanese friend of mine told me it absolutely was not. and i’ve run through every european language). some of these tracks appear on LHI’s considerably inferior domestic release, “my first political dance album” (which i bought on the strength of this disc, and i was disappointed). if you can get your hands on this, it’s *much* better.what to compare them to … not sure. a dose of fischerspooner, a dash of daft punk, a twist of kid loco … with vocals by a bafflingly foreign but often sexy cross-section of the United Nations General Assembly?here’s a different reason to pick up this disc: once upon a time, i had a roommate whose favorite band was hootie and the blowfish. nothing drove him crazier than being forced to listen to this disc in my car. he loathed it with every cell of his being and would actually *beg* me to turn it off. if you love the idea of music that is guaranteed to drive people who love hootie and the blowfish completely insane, this disc is for YOU.

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