18 Piece Sunglass Eyewear Eye Wear Display Tray Case Stand. Also great for Watches and Jewelry

Fabric covered lightweight, durable storage and display case that holds 18 pairs of sunglass frames or larger eye wear. Offers three flexible display/storage positions.

Product Features

  • Constructed out of Premium Quality Material
  • The inside is lined with very nice fabric
  • Very easy Snap On and Snap Off Cover
  • Fabric Lined Inside
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 15″ x 2 1/2″

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3 comments for “18 Piece Sunglass Eyewear Eye Wear Display Tray Case Stand. Also great for Watches and Jewelry

  1. Victor Kent
    August 31, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    Great Product! I have worked at a sunglass store for over 3 years now, so presentation of my personal sunglass collection is pretty important to me. Having owned well over 15 quality pairs I was in desperate search to properly display them, and believe it or not finding a quality sunglass display case is rather difficult. That’s why when I stumbled on this display case I got excited. It looked great and reviews were good however I was still a little skeptical. Part of the reason I was so skeptical was because I’ve bought products like this in the past before where everything looked great but once I got it, it was a big disappointment. I can assure you, this case will not be a disappointment. The inside cloth material is made of what appears to be microfiber, so it will NOT scratch your lenses. The dimensions of the dividers are perfect! You can fit pretty big sunglasses in each divider easily. I’m also a big fan of the snap-on snap-off cover. This feature allows you to display your sunglasses in whatever manner you like. I like to keep mine displayed just like the picture, open and slanted, however if you needed it to be more compact than by all means you can display it like that as well by snapping the cover off.Overall I rate this product a 5/5, if you are just throwing your sunglasses in a drawer or letting them hang around your house and want them displayed much better, fashionably, as well as giving them added protection without having to hide them in their cases than I recommend to buy this.Pros:1) Quality Material2) Snap-on/Snap-off Cover3) Divider Size (Dimensions are nearly perfect)4) Amount of Sunglasses (18) this can holdCons:None so far, I love it!

  2. jamesgunaca
    August 31, 2013 at 3:55 PM

    Does what I needed it to! I subscribe to a monthly sunglasses service called Stunner of the Month so am getting new shades frequently and needed a place to store them. This case works perfectly. Quality is nice and it can also stand up in case I ever need to showcase my stunners.I’m probably going to order another one now since I’ve already filled this case up!

  3. mlphouston
    August 31, 2013 at 4:04 PM

    This is a great case! Previously my sunglasses and reading glasses would have just been dropped in a drawer and all would have gotten scratched. Now I can see all of my pairs of glasses with a single glance. This is well made and even has a snapped closure that would allow you to pack and take your favorite pairs with you!

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