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Retail security is now an absolute must.

Think Smarter Cut Retail Security Service Costs Wisely

Retail theft in Britain is higher than in Europe.
The UK is breaking new records for the wrong reasons, the Centre of Retail Research said Britains shoplifting for 2009 was at a record high and admittedly did reduce slightly in 2010 to 4.4BN but this is likely to prove the exception to the rule with future forecasts predicting a continual increase.
As you would expect that this is down to organised gangs, professional individuals stealing to order and opportunistic members of the public but what you may find astonishing is 36.4 percent of this total is carried out by members of staff.
So ask yourself this, how do you prevent becoming a victim?
What will be obvious is the answer, invest in a Retail Security Provider.
And most importantly, gives you the absolute best value for you money.
Ask yourself this if you employ a security firm already, are you getting the absolute best for your money?
Do you constantly find yourself worrying that they are harming your companys image and reputation because of their demeanour or worry about a possible litigation court case because of their inappropriate actions?
Do not leave yourself with any doubts, hire the best security service provider that your money will buy and make sure they are fully trained and licensed to the correct SIA standards.
You need to employ a company that has staff who do not just want to turn up so that they get a wage, you need people who care about your company image and wish to provide a service that is most suitable for their given environment.
What should happen within a reputable company is that relevant matters are given at a briefing from the management team, meaning that all staff members are totally up to date on what they need to know for their given task.
As employer of such services it will mean that you have complete confidence in your security staff and will be one less thing to concern yourself with, allowing you to focus on your business matters.
Given the fact that the recession is still very much in evidence, it is understandable that you will be reluctant to hire a security company but to do nothing is to invite trouble and means you are taking a gamble with your business and your staff.
If you do your research you will find a suitable retails security company and you will find that you have invested wisely.
You can make the choice easy for a shoplifter, do they stay at you place of business and get caught by an attentive and experienced retail security guard or do they move on to another much easier target where they can steal with absolute certainty that they will be unopposed?

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