Retail Services For Business Process

In Business process there are many terms which are intent to give success to it and Retail Services is one of them we can say that retail is end of business process because retail makes the product or service to reach customers, Without retail it may not be possible that a product and services will able to reach their end use. In a business process all processes are important because they are interrelated to one another if one of them not working properly, it will affect all process, As written above that retail is end of business process, so it is important to take care of the retail process of any business because it is only able to make your business grows and it will give effects on your growth rate too. There are many ways to do retail for products and services.

1.). Company Retail Outlets: – These are Company Retail Shops which are retailing the products from company warehouses these shops are very few in numbers and can established locally to industry locality, the product and services are sale here are low price then the other retailer because it is directly from company in between customer and company no brokers, wholesalers, and retailers. Due to this product cost price is less. But due less in number these shops are not able to capture market at high extent. This may cause the blockage in growth of company/organization.

2.). Retail By small Retailers: – They are small shopkeepers who buy a huge quantity than a customer and Sale small units to customers for consumption. This is mostly done by all business organizations. This delivers products to more customers then Company Outlets Shops, but there is a drawback in this that is it requires more publicity to make your products popular among customers. Then there seems an interest in your products or services.

3.). Online Retailers: – This is new in retail world it follows the same fundamentals of traditional retailing. This is done on internet, it benefits the organization to get more customers because as we know that there is huge number of people are using internet for many purposes in meanwhile we retail our products or services to them that causes the comfort for them that no need to go to market and find the product here at one place they will get what they want. Online Retail can does by making website for retail or publishes your products or services to retail websites which deals in retailing.

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