Retail Management Systems for Smoother Business Operations

With availability of numerous options, customers have more choice for the purchase of products and services. It has therefore become even more important for businesses to ensure better operations and customer friendly services. At the same time, they need to control their own costs and have easy access to clear concise business data and performance reports. This also holds true for retail businesses. Retailers can achieve greater efficiency in their daily transactions by using efficient retail management systems. Microsoft Dynamics RMS software is an affordable and flexible solution for retail point-of-sale that is easy to install and use. This point-of-sale system can manage all aspects of business inventory with pinpoint accuracy. It also processes transactions quickly, delivers specialized customer service, and keeps business owners informed about all aspects of their business operations. Enhancing customers’ shopping experience through faster billing at the point of sale is the most well known advantage of retail management systems. They also help to grant automatic discounts and special offers in the store without the need of any manual intervention or calculations. Electronic receipts can be instantly printed and purchase details and amounts are verified. Point-of-sale systems also enable recording of payments through credit cards, coupons, gift vouchers and foreign currencies. However, that is not all when a business chooses Microsoft Dynamics RMS for its point-of-sale system. By using Microsoft Dynamics RMS, retailers can also meet customers’ demands in time through efficient inventory tracking and replenishment. They can also get quick, comprehensive and flexible reports about sales, profitability, inventory and customers’ preferences. The software keeps a track of what is selling the best, who is buying and when and even tracks returns on investment for marketing initiatives. Microsoft Dynamics RMS point-of-sale software can: * Easily export retail operations data to MS Excel for viewing and analysis * Generate sales and inventory reports that make it simpler for the store to decide what to buy (from suppliers) or mark down * Preview, print and export data in multiple formats * Filter, hide, sort and group data in multiple formats * Add logos and graphics to formal reports Based in Calgary, Factor One Technology offers customized solutions designed to meet business requirements of its clients. We have retail POS systems, E-Commerce POS software and restaurant POS software. Contact our team to discuss a customized solution to meet your needs today. For more information on retail POS software, visit:

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