Manage Cables and Cords for Safety, Neatness and Efficiency

Computer and cash register cables and power cords seem to just multiply on their own. That can be a safety issue in a store or office if they are not properly secured. Injuries from falls or electric shock are a real possibility with unconfined cords or cables.

In a retail shop, unconfined cords can spoil the look and atmosphere if they are messy and unsightly. Believe it or not, sales can be lowered by messiness. That’s why shop owners are so careful about dusting and straightening daily.

In an office, messy cables look unprofessional and suggest that the work might not be accurate or high quality. You may never get a chance to correct a bad first impression.

No matter where it is, a messy nest of tangled cords and cables leads to inefficiency. If something catches on a loose cable, it can pull loose. Loose cables tend to get tripped over and stepped on, which can damage the cables and the electronic devices they are attached to.

When a computer or other device needs maintenance or needs to be moved or replaced, messy cables make it hard to find the right cable, hard to isolate problems like damaged or worn out cables, and hard to disconnect the right cable without disconnecting others that should have been left plugged in.

Not confining cables and cords can be dangerous, ugly and costly in time and money. So what do you do? Zip ties and other methods can create problems of their own.

What you need are color-coded cable organizers that are easy and quick to apply and equally easy and quick to undo yet secure wherever you put them. A new line of products called CableSlaps provides the solution to a host of cable and cord problems in a stylish, coordinated design that solves all your cable organization problems.

CableSlaps are made of flat steel springs that hold their shape but are easy to apply and remove. The springs are encased in smooth silicone casings in stylish colors to protect the cables and your hands. And they look great!

They come in several sizes, from large ones for computer cables to very small ones for cell phone headset cords or earbuds. In between sizes are perfect for laptop accessories,

There is a size for every type and combination of cables or cords. And you can color coordinate them in a host of different ways or just match them all for a unified appearance.  The CableSlaps site is definitely the place to go for ideas for better cable management.

This is something I’ve been thinking about ever since a friend of mine took a serious fall when she tripped over a computer cable when dashing for the phone at work. If you do not have your computer cables carefully organized, it could happen to you, too.

But at least now there is a good-looking, professional solution to the problem: CableSlaps. I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad to have found them. And I really like the colors. I think you will, too. They are stylish and fun.

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