Remote Access Software for When You Need Computer Help NOW!

Most of us have someone we call on for computer repairs. Sometimes of us haul the computer system into a store or repair shop. Others call a service to send the technician to us “as soon as they can get there.” For hardware problems, those are the only ways to handle the problem.

But for software problems there is a much better and faster way to get help. You can install a program on your computer that lets the technician work on your computer remotely (using remote which can save crucial time). So you can get help now, without waiting for help to arrive at your door. Sometimes problems can be fixed in just a few minutes.

If you install the (paid) host software on a computer, you can then access that computer from anywhere in the world, using the free remote viewer software. For example, you could download the report or presentation you forgot to download to your laptop before leaving home or office, fix a problem for someone who is using the host computer, or do other useful things.

Got a new salesperson, installer or delivery person who may need help with your billing or invoicing software? If you have the host software installed on their computer, you can connect to it with the viewer software and see what they are doing. Then you can either correct the problem remotely or guide them through the process.

The software, called remote desktop software or remote access software is free to download and easy to install. You can download Remote Utilities from here and try out the host software for 30 days at no charge. The viewer software is always free.

Then there is a substantial quantity discount if you buy host licenses for the other computers in your organization (or household). The remote access software integrates with your existing firewall and is safe and secure to use.

Remote access software is great for at home, too. Imagine being able to help your kids with homework, even when you are stuck at the store or office or even on a business trip thousands of miles away (or just monitor what they are doing on the computer). Simply install the host program onto your home computer(s) and the free viewer onto your own laptop, and you can.

In your business, remote desktop software makes it easy for whoever maintains your computers and network to update software or install new software on all the computers on the network from one place—even from many miles away.

The more you use this super easy and secure remote access software, the more uses you will find for it. And it can be a real lifesaver in so many situations.

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