List Buying: How the Pros Target Real Buyers

Advertising is the life blood of most retail businesses. Customers are becoming more and more cost conscious even as the economy is supposedly recovering. So you have to reach out to them and persuade them to buy—and to buy from you.

But to be cost effective it has to be targeted advertising. There is not much point in getting the word out to thousands of people who can’t or won’t ever need to buy your product or service. You need to reach the right people

One of the best solutions to targeting is to buy or rent a high quality list of prospective buyers. That can include those who have already bought similar products or services to yours and are likely to need/want more of them as well as people who have expressed an interest in them.

With a good, targeted list you can promote your products and services via direct mail or telemarketing, and (if your offer is good, and your message is well written) get a good rate of response from prospective buyers.

You can buy or rent lists of prospects from many sources. But beware: Such lists can vary greatly in quality. Some contain duplicates, typos (bad addresses), and/or a large percentage of old, defunct names and addresses.

Advertisers for many medium to large companies use a proven expert service, such as List Giant to get reliable, targeted lists of real potential customers for their goods and services quickly, at a reasonable price.

At a professional list vendor like List Giant you can speak with a list specialist who will help you choose the best list for your needs. They have an online system that allows you to choose from a wide variety of list demographics and run list counts.

You then download your desired mailing and telemarketing lists in minutes. And you can do that 24 hours a day.

Savvy marketers, from medium-size companies to Fortune 500 giants get impressive results by using high quality lists. And you can, too.

Just make sure your ad copy and graphics are equally high quality, and your results can be just as profitable.

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